Grease Selection by Application Requirement

Grease must withstand high temperatures without melting/dripping

Grease must be suited for wide range of uses

TP-2510 MP Bearing Gel – Additional feature: Non Melting
TP-2502 MP Grease

Grease must be resistant against solvents, acids and harsh chemicals

TP-2955 Fluorinated grease – additional feature: Excellent longevity in high temperatures.

Grease must be NSF H1 food grade

TP-2502 MP Grease
TP-2598 Bearing Gel – Additional Features: High temperature
TP-2955 Fluorinated Grease – Additional Features: Solvent/chemical resistant, extreme longevity in high temperatures

Grease must function in low temperature

Grease must be compatible with a wide range of seal types

Comparitive Performance Chart

Hi-temp longevityexcellentexcellentgoodnot suggestedhighestnot suggestedexcellent
Water wash resist.excellentexcellentvery goodexcellentgoodgoodvery good
Rust protectionvery goodvery goodexcellentvery goodaveragevery goodvery good
Wear Protectionexcellentvery goodexcellentvery goodgoodvery goodgood
Melting (drop) pointnon-meltingnon-melting>300°Cnon-melting>280°C200°Cnon-melting
Chemical resistanceNONONONOYESNONO
Lowest Suggested Temp-22°F-22°F-40°F14°F-4°F-58°F-25°F
Speed tolerancelow to mediumlow to mediumlow to medium/highlow to medium/highlowlow to highlow to medium/high