TP-4000 Sealing Compound

TP-4000 Aragraphe™ Fiber Mechanical Sealing Compound will seal most rotating or reciprocating equipment. Self-lubricating and self-cooling, TP-4000 needs no seal or cooling water.  Flush systems are eliminated and pumps operate with zero leakage. Maintenance is simple with our online injection systems .

TP-4000 will also seal valves the first time for the last time. Its special blend of lubricants will not dry or harden over long periods of time, leaving valves well sealed and easy to open.

TP-4000 is not recommended for pulp mill black liquor, lime slurries, polar petroleum distillates, nitric acid and with brass or bronze shaft sleeves.Please see TP-4800 and TP-5400
  • Installation Video

    View the installation video for Tom-Pac Sealing compounds, including the setup for online injection

Sealing Compounds: Examples of Applications & Industries

Paper Industry

Used extensively to lower water usage and minimize downtime. Applications include stock pumps, agitators, pulpers, screens, refiners, vacuum pumps.

Waste Water

Online injection provides quick and clean method of “repacking” . Commonly used in sludge pumps, positive displacement, screw conveyors. Provides zero leakage solution for less than a mechanical seal.

Power Industry, coal fired

Replaces braided packing in klinker grinders. Delivers supperior seal and longevity. Can also be used in agitator and vacuum applications.

Recommended Maximum Tolerances for Dynamic Applications
Compound Style #Maximum RPMTemperature RangepH RangeNotes
TP-40003600-40°C to 315°C2-12for most applications
TP-54003000-10°C to 210°C1-13Food grade (USDA H1), Fine paper
TP-48002400-40°C to 210°C0-14For harsh chemicals, solvents, acids