• 100% Synthetic PAO base oil

    Delivers excellent performance in high or low temperature environments. Greatly extends oil change intervals and lowers oil consumption. The naturally high oxidation resistance reduces sludging and deposit formation and prevents corrosion that results from acid content generated during oil breakdown.

  • FlingFree™ Technology

    Allows our lubes to adhere to wires, chains, and gear teeth even under high speed, thus minimizing throw-off and dripping. Because it clings, Tom-Pac® lubricants will remain on the intended surface, thus providing wear protection that will greatly outlast and outperform the competition

  • EP & Corrosion Protection

    Selected additives prevent wear, scung and pitting resulting in quieter operation and optimal equipment protection.

  • Food Grade Availability

    TP-2598L is CFIA approved and FDA 178.3570 compliant for use in food processing facilities

Tom-Pac Industrial oils are fully synthetic PAO based lubricants designed to replace conventional mineral oil based products. They deliver superior performance in applications such as chain drives, gear boxes, pumps and turbines by reducing wear, noise, and premature oil breakdown.

The synthetic base uid allows for increased resistance in high or low temperature environments. Vastly reduced evaporation and sludging in gear, pump and turbine oils translates to less oil consumption over time, smoother running equipment and cleaner lters.

Available Sizes

20 Liter pail, (5 US gallons)
205 Liter drum (55 US gallons)