Tom-Pac TP Maxx Series of industrial greases are designed to deliver exceptional benefits versus conventional grease in a wide array of applications and environments. Depending on the target industry these greases can serve as plant wide solutions because of their extreme versatility and outstanding lubrication characteristics.


When discussing grease performance and longevity, stability can be overlooked. The ability for a grease to maintain its consistency and structure is the same characteristic that allows a grease to stay in place, without dripping or seeping out of the intended lubrication area. The TP Maxx Series of grease has superior stability even under conditions that normally cause consistency breakdown: High temperatures, Shear (from bearing or application movement), and even shear with introduction of water into the application.


• Higher drop points: Vastly reduces melting and runout.
• Exceptional load: Suitable for heavy machinery and construction
• Exceptional Anti-Rust: Can be used in marine applications
• Stability: Does not separate and retains its consistency

TP-2502MP : Multipurpose

Based on a medium weight select base oil and designed to be used in most equipment. This grade delivers all the standard benefits of the TP Maxx series at an economical cost.

TP-2502HT : High Temperature

For industries where high temperature is a concern, this grade incorporates a high grade, fully synthetic base oil that delivers enhanced thermal resistance, oxidative stability and protection against grease breakdown.

TP-2502XL : Extreme Load

Formulated with moly disulfide for severely loaded bearings and applications in industries such as mining, and construction.

TP-2502SG : Synthetic Grade Multipurpose

A light weight synthetic base oil adds additional application options for this grade including, low temp environments, food grade service and generally extended service life.

General Grease Compatibility

TP Maxx Series is generally compatible with Lithium, Li Complex, Calcium soaps, and some Clay/bentonite. User should determine compatibility before usage.

For applications with Aluminum Complex and Polyurea thickened grease, we recommend cleaning out the
bearing completely before installing any of the TP Maxx Series greases.

Available Sizing

• Standard grease cartridges, 14oz plastic tube
• 35 lb plastic pail
• 120 lb steel keg
• 400 lb steel drum