• Synthetic base oil for enhanced longevity and performance

    Base oil evaporates cleanly,  solid particle lubricant effective up to 800°C remains on surfaces.

  • Minimal oil separation

    Contains a combination of wear and pressure additives as well as an advanced solid particle lubricant for extended equipment life.

  • Suitable for electric motor bearings and long service life

    Excellent water washoff characteristics.

TP-2530 is a polyurea thickened grease formulated for exceptional service life. The fully synthetic base oil allows for a wide operating temperature range and excellent cold temperature performance. Designed for electric motor
bearings and multi-purpose service where long lubrication intervals are desired.

Where to Use:

• Electric motor bearings
• Applications where a long service life is required
• Sealed for life bearings
• As a eplacement for other polyurea based greases of similar viscosity and consistency

How to apply :

Most automatic and semi automatic lubrication systems are acceptable delivery methods. Adjust intervals
accordingly. TP-2530 should be applied to a clean bearing in good condition. Mixing of grease formulated with
other thickener types is not recommended.

Advantages / Benefits

Synthetic PAO base oil for improved performance
Outperforms other non synthetic polyurea grease by offering better cold temperature
performace, less evaporation at high temperatures, minimized sluge deposits

Minimal oil Separation
Reduced separation of oil translates to longer service life, lonnger relubrication intervals
and better lubrication properties

Extreme Pressure / Anti-Friction Additives
Contains a combination of wear and pressure additives for extended equipment life

Product Physical Properties

Base Oil: synthetic, PAO
Base Oil Viscosity @ 40°C: 115 cSt
Thickener: polyurea
NLGI Grade: 2
Penetration unworked : 275
Penetration P60 : 290
Drop point : >260°C
Oil Separation, 24h at 100C : 0.08%
Evaporation, 24h at 100C : 0.37%
Copper Corrosion, 24h at 100C = 1b
Density, RT = 0.88 g/cc
Wear Scar ASTM D2266 = 0.42 mm

Thermogravimetric Analysis :
275C temperature required for 5% weight loss under conditions of the test
PDSC, 210C : 90 minutes measure of thermooxidative stability