On-line Injection Systems

What is On-Line Injection?
On-Line Injection is a means by which pumps and other equipment can be maintained without having to shut down. It is a simple procedure performed while the equipment is running.  In just a few seconds additional compound is injected in the stuffing box to regain zero leakage.

What advantages does On-Line Injection offer?
The main advantage to injection is no downtime.  Pumps can be re-sealed on the run.  Gland followers are never adjusted.  Zero leakage is maintained with the simple turn of a handle.  On-line Injection is quick and reliable.

TP-8100 Linear Loader

TP-8100 Linear Loader is specifically designed for smaller pumps. Although permanent mounting is recommended, TP-8100 can be used  from pump to pump. It has a capacity of 25ml.

Tom-Pac® Sealing Compounds are designed to flow in an open smooth bore passage but resist extrusion when in a stuffing box.  The chosen compound is injected directly into the stuffing box, via the existing seal water port.  If no port exist, one can easily be drilled and tapped.

By maintaining zero leakage, equipment performance becomes more predictable, safety and environmental controls are greatly enhanced and the user benefits from increased plant up-time, improved monitoring and minimal maintenance.

TP-8100 Linear Loader is recommended when using TP-4800 Black Maxx Sealing Compound

TP-8200 Linear Loader

TP-8200 Linear Loader is a larger injector  which is best suited for larger shaft diameter and deeper stuffing boxes.  It is used in the same way as TP-8100 .  Adjust the gland follower once, then simply turn a handle to re-seal equipment (pumps, agitators, etc.)  On-Line with no downtime. Linear Loading is simple and reliable.