Mechanical Sealing Compounds

Tom-Pac Sealing Compounds are flexible lubricated compounds designed to seal rotating or reciprocating equipment by replacing braided packing and mechanical seals. Applications include pumps, mixers, agitators, valves and most places where braided packing is currently being used.

Sealing Compounds are currently available in 3 styles to meet almost all possible application requirements:


Suitable for most applications, it has the highest temperature and shaft speed tolerances.


A light colored compound, it can be used for applications involving fine paper or where a dark colored packing is not suitable. This product is USDA approved, and can be used in applications where incidental food contact is a possibility.


Specifically designed to function in applications where harsh chemicals such as acids and solvents are present. Its formulation provides maximum chemical protection.

Cost Savings Video

Video detailing the cost savings potential of Tom-Pac Sealing Compounds

Benefits of Tom-Pac Sealing Compounds
Benefits vs packingBenefits vs mechanical seals
Requires no cooling water
Zero leakage reduces costs, waste and safety issues
Reduces downtime through online injection
Does not score shafts/sleeves and works on worn shafts
Reduced friction lowers energy consumption
Increased longevity
Requires no seal water
Less costly
Not delicate. Will not break
Seals slurries, sludge and other hard applications