General purpose grease suitable for most service with temperature range of -5°F to 200°F. Suitable for replacement of other GP and MP greases where a  stable, water resistant grease is desired. Contains all necessary EP, anti-rust, anti-wear additives required for general service.


Non-melting formula – Gel stays on intended surfaces. Normal grease will melt and drip out of the applications in high temperature conditions; more grease must be added to the application to keep it lubricated. Since TP-2510 will not melt, it amounts to dramatically less lubricant usage and longer lubrication intervals. This amazing characteristic also helps prevent bearing and machinery failure from insufficient lubrication.

Excellent Water Resistance

Frequently, applications are exposed to conditions where water can cause the grease to be washed off. This will leave the intended surface without protection from wear and corrosion. TP-2510 is formulated to resist water drips, sprays and high moisture conditions. It will not break down or emulsify in the presence of water and will hold fast to metal surfaces under pressure.

Extreme Pressure / High Load Protection

TP-2510 combines the most efficient additives to deliver outstanding protection in applications exposed to high load and extreme pressure conditions. Anti-wear and anti-friction additives help machinery run smoother and quieter, while also reducing premature bearing and machinery failure.

Stability – TP-2510, due to its advanced thickener is able to retain its structure and resist separating under most conditions. Many GP greases have a tendency to melt, drip and separate, causing bearing failures to occur.

Available Sizes

TP-2510 is available in 14.1 oz cartridges 120 lb and 400 lb steel drums.