• Wide Temperature range

    -20°C to 1000°C

  • Anti-Rust

    Anti-Corrosion additives

  • Metal Free

    No metallic additives

  • No silicone

    Contains no silicone.

Tom-Pac TP-ASG50 is a metal free anti-seize paste formulated with synthetic base oil and graphite thickener. Designed for a wide temperature service of -25 to 1000° C. At elevated temperatures the base oil will evaporate and the paste will function as a dry lubricant.

Where to Use

• Screw threads and assemblies that require anti-seize and anti-corrosion in case of dissassembly.
• Metal to metal connections


Synthetic base oil
Formulated with a fully synthetic light weight oil, for maximum longevity and resistance to high and low
Extra fine graphite functions as a lubricant and anti-seize in a -25 to 1000°C temperature range
Anti-Rust/ Anti-oxidant
Contains an anti-corrosion additive designed to protect metal pieces and surfaces

Product Physical Characteristics

• Base oil Type: synthetic, high temp
• Thickness NLGI: 1
• Color: black
• Temp range : -25°C to 1000°C


1 lb screw top container.