• Clings to chains, non-melting and non-dripping formula

  • Penetrates, coats & protects

  • Extremely water resistant

  • High & low temperature: From ovens to freezers

  • Micro additive plating action reduces friction and wear

  • Synthetic PAOs: Outperforms and outlasts regular mineral oil based aerosols

Chain Gel starts as a penetrating liquid and thickens to a light grease seconds after contact with metal surfaces.


Lubricates pins and bushings, helps prevent chain stretching. Protects metal surfaces against water, rust and corrosion. Reduces friction and wear from metal to metal contact. Reduces running chain noise and machinery squeaking.


Chain Gel inherits the characteristics of the Bearing Gel; now conveniently packaged in an aerosol format. No more dripping or melting ! The chain gel is a tenacious, high and low temperature lubricating Gel that stays in place, providing chains with a protective coating of synthetic lubrication. Chain Gel is the perfect lubricant for applications exposed to extreme temperatures, wet environments or areas where extended lubrication periods are required.

How it works

A unique cleaning agent loosens dirt and debris from metal surfaces, while the lubricant penetrates hard to reach areas. Once this process is completed the agent quickly dissolves and the Chain Gel thickens until it forms a thin coating of lubricant fortified with micro-additives. The Gel serves to reduce friction and envelop surfaces, thus helping to prevent air and moisture from causing corrosion. The micro-additives are solid lubricant particles that reduce wear by forming a sacrificial layer that cushions metal-to-metal contact.


TP-2598-S may be used to lubricate chains, chain drives, sprockets, sliding surfaces, conveyors, cables, steel wires, and linkages. Will function as a protective coating against water and corrosion for stored metal parts. Suitable for many applications, indoors and out, where an aerosol lubricant is required.

Characteristics and Specs
Base oil type: synthetic, PAOBase oil flash point: 290°C
Base oil viscosity @ 40°: 460 cStTemperature range: -40 to 750°F
Thickener: non melting, synthetic NSF status: H1, incidental contact