Sealing Compounds: Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

Tom-Pac ® is a total replacement for braided packing and mechanical seals.  It is a colloidal mixture of solid and semi-solid lubricants amalgamated with synthetic yarns to form a dense, flexible material that will not break down even under high temperature and pressure conditions.

How does it work?

Tom-Pac ® acts as a lubricated plug which evenly surrounds the shaft, eliminating pressure points. Tom-Pac ® is self lubricating and self-cooling to ensure minimal friction. Seal water and flush systems are eliminated. Pumps operate with zero leakage!

Why is it better than packing or mechanical seals?

Unlike braided packing, Tom-Pac ® is soft and pliable. It minimizes scoring and fretting and requires no flush. Tom-Pac® is injectable on-line to eliminate repacking!  Mechanical seals can be expensive, complex and delicate to handle. They will not operate without clean seal water. Tom-Pac ® is simple and reliable and needs no cooling.

What about maintenance?

With Tom-Pac ® , maintenance is done on-line by injecting additional compound directly into the stuffing box via the existing seal water port, while the pump is operating. No need to shut down or replace the existing compound. A simple operation that takes only a few seconds.

What other advantages does Tom-Pac offer?

Because Tom-Pac® eliminates seal water there is a tremendous savings in water usage that can actually translate to thousands of dollars per year per pump. Furthermore, because the coefficient of friction is minimal, there is a significant savings in energy consumption.

Who can use Tom-Pac ® and where?

Industries worldwide are using Tom-Pac ® . Papermills, steel mills, power plants, municipal waste water, car plants, food plants, refineries, chemical plants, etc. See our list Here. Most equipment can be sealed with Tom-Pac ® Sealing Compound: centrifugal pumps, agitators, pulpers, refiners, turbo-separators, positive displacement pumps, mixers, reciprocating pumps, clinker grinders, valves, etc. From clean fluids and chemicals to slurries, Tom-Pac ® manufactures three compounds that will handle all applications: