• 100% PAO Base Oil

    Higher thermal stability, less evaporation vs. conventional mineral oil. Vastly improves grease longevity. Peak service range of -40°F to 750°F (-40°C to 400°C)

  • Non-Melting Thickener

    No melting or dripping in high temp. applications translates to less re-greasing, and less bearing failures.

  • Highly Water Resistant

    No washout in high spray areas. Protects against moisture in damp conditions.

  • Extreme Pressure / Anti-Friction Additives

    Contains a combination of wear and pressure additives in maximum concentration for extended bearing life.

Proper lubrication plays a vital role in the performance of a machine from increased production to lower maintenance costs. Tom-Pac® Bearing Gel delivers exceptional performance in high or low temperature applications.


Tom-Pac® Bearing Gel is a 100% synthetic, polyalphaolefin, state of the art lubricant, formulated to reduce friction and wear. Tom-Pac® Bearing Gel will not melt or drip and leaves minimal residue. It provides corrosion protection, seals bearings from water and contamination, retains its structure and consistency while in service and remains stable under high shear and high temperature. It will not emulsify and will perform exceptionally well in wet applications. It is virtually waterproof!


Both TP-2557 Industrial and TP-2598 Food Grade Bearing Gels are tenacious, resilient lubricants that greatly extend lubrication intervals and cut production losses due to premature bearing failure.
Tom-Pac® Gels reduce downtime and improve the performance of the equipment making their use extremely cost effective.
Choose TP-2557 for industrial use and TP-2598 for food manufacturing facilities.

How to apply:

Tom-Pac® Bearing Gel is applied in the same manner as conventional grease, with the bearing cavity being filled to approximately 1/2 capacity in most cases.
Remember that Tom-Pac® Bearing Gel will last much longer than a conventional lubricant and adjust intervals accordingly.


Tom-Pac® Bearing Gel is compatible with most conventional grease. However, the mixture will fall short of the properties of the Gel. For that reason, we strongly advise that, if at all possible, the old grease be purged or cleaned out before using the Bearing Gel for optimum performance, longevity and yield.

Food Status:

TP-2598 Food Grade is registered NSF H1 for incidental food contact, and has been approved by the CFIA in Canada.

Tom-Pac® Bearing Gel is available in cartridges, 25 lb pail, 120 keg and 400 lb drum.

Examples of Suitable Applications & Industries

Industry: Bakery, Potato chip and snack food, Taco & tortilla

Application: High temperature ovens, wash down areas. Ovens running 12 hour shifts were lubed once per hour with regular food grade grease. After switching to Tom-Pac Bearing Gel ovens are now lubed once per day. Bearing failures due to high temperature and lubrication melt-out have been eliminated.

Industry: Steel, Foundry, Aluminum

Application: Furnaces, hot strip, coke heaters. Areas exposed to high temperatures have seen great reductions in grease consumption when switching to Bearing Gel . Reduced metal to metal wear has resulted in less downtime, quieter running machinery.

Industry: Power generation

Application: Cooling fans, fin fans, gear boxes on soot blowers

Industry: Corrugator

Application: preheaters, rolling bearings

Industry: Paper

Application: Dryer section on paper machine. Non-melting formula has resulted in huge reduction in grease consumption and bearing failures due to melt-out.

Other Industries that have seen excellent results: Cement, glass, refinery, automotive, printing, candy, injection moulding