Bearings exposed to harsh operating conditions involving constant high temperatures require a grease with superior lubrication protection that extends beyond what typical mineral oil based, and even synthetic hydrocarbon and ester based greases can provide. Enter Tom-Pac TP-2955 Fluorinated Grease.

TP-2955 uses a base oil comprised of 100% perfluorinated polyether (PFPE) and a thickener of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Because these chemicals are both based on fluoro chemistry, they have properties that can not be matched by standard or even conventional synthetic greases.

Performance Characteristics

Resists constant temperatures between -20° to 260°C :
High temperature protection for extended time periods. Unmatched chemical resistance: TP-2955 grease is not affected by most chemicals, solvents or acids, making it the choice lubricant in bearings exposed to aggressive substances.

Applications & Industries

Bearings exposed to high temperatures, aggressive chemicals and wet environments for extended periods will all see vastly increased lubrication intervals. Industries with potential applications include:
Corrugating, metal & plastic fabrication and molding, metal casting, glass manufacturers, chemical and petrochemical, textile, automotive. Specific examples: Bearings on conveyor systems exposed to high heat ovens as in painting lines, & food ovens.

Available Sizing

1 kg plastic containers. 10 kg plastic pails. 1.75lb cartridges

  • Non flammable

    No flash point or fire point

  • Seal compatibility

    Compatible and non reactive with most metal, plastic, elastomers and rubber

  • Thermal stability

    Excellent longevity and low thermal evaporation makes it extremely cost effective. Perfect for high temperature applications or sealed for life bearings.

  • Water resistant

    Excellent water resistance

  • Wear resistance

    High viscosity base oil imparts excellent wear resistance

  • No silicone

    Contains no silicone.

  • Competitively priced

    Competitively priced against other fluoro based greases