• Designed for Highly Loaded Bearings

    Protection for the highest load applications. Excellent EP values make this grease a perfect choice for heavy duty equipment, vehicles and machinery subject to high or shock loading.

  • Graphite + Moly

    High percentage of Graphite and Moly, functions as anti-seize and high load lubricant

  • High/Low Temp Synthetic

    High Viscosity Synthetic base oil for maximum temp longevity and excellent cold temp performance

  • Anti-Rust & Water Resistant

    Excellent resistance to water and the strongest anti-rust performance. Superior performance for outdoor applications or applications operating in humid environments. Also applicable in marine applications and salt water exposed conditions.

  • Excellent stability, no leaking or separating!

    Superior grease stability and no separating means increased grease longevity and better machinery protection


Tom-Pac TP-2550-MG is a lubricating grease/paste formulated with synthetic base oil and non melt thickener.

Designed for high load conditions in wide temperature service and formulated to resist water wash and immersion. Contains high percentage of dry lubricant for ultimate wear and load protection.

Where to Use:

• Highly loaded bearings and heavy machinery, indoor or out
• High or low temp service where non melting/non hardening lubricant is required
• Screw threads and assemblies that require anti-seize and anti-corrosion in case of dissassembly.
• Metal to metal connections
• Open gear systems that require a high degree of wear protection

How to apply :

Most automatic and semi automatic lubrication systems are acceptable delivery methods. Adjust intervals accordingly. As a anti-seize, apply by brush or sponge. For screw threads make sure to cover entire thread with an ample layer. Check machinery OEM guidelines for specific fill recommendations.

Product Physical Characteristics & Specifications
Temperature range-37 to >204°C
-35 to >400°F
Weld Point ASTM D2596800+KG
Base oil ISO grade400
Water washout % removed ASTM 1264less than 1