TP-4800 Sealing Compound

TP-4800 Black Maxx is a Full Spectrum Sealing Compound with a pH range of 0 to 14 for total chemical resistance. TP-4800 is ideal for chemicals and pulp mill black liquor.

Just as TP-4000 and TP-5400, TP-4800 Black Maxx is injectable on-line for no downtime maintenance. It will not dry or harden. It is self-lubricating and self-cooling. It will perform as efficiently as a mechanical seal, with no moving parts and with no seal water.

Sealing Compounds: Examples of Applications & Industries

Paper Industry

Due to it’s chemical resistant nature it is the compound of choice for de-inking applications. It is suitable for use in black liquor applications.

Chemical / Petro Chemical

For aggressive chemicals, regardless of industry, TP-4800 is highly resistant to hydro carbons, acids and caustic chemicals.

Recommended Maximum Tolerances for Dynamic Applications
Compound Style #Maximum RPMTemperature RangepH RangeNotes
TP-40003600-40°C to 315°C2-12for most applications
TP-54003000-10°C to 210°C1-13Food grade (USDA H1), Fine paper
TP-48002400-40°C to 210°C0-14For harsh chemicals, solvents, acids