Our Company Profile

Tom-Pac ® formulas are designed specifically to standardize and simplify maintenance.Our focus is on cost effective alternatives to meet the needs of today’s maintenance teams through advanced technology .

Tom-Pac ® Sealing Compound was first introduced in 1977. Over the next 20 years, the original compound was reformulated with synthetic yarns and lubricants and new compounds were introduced for food applications and severe chemicals. On-line injection was perfected to simplify maintenance and reduce downtime. With water and energy conservation becoming a major issue, more and more mills turn to Tom-Pac Sealing Compounds to solve their fluid sealing problems. Tom-Pac ® is now the world leader in zero leakage, no downtime fluid sealing technology.

Tom-Pac ® also manufactures a line of synthetic lubricants designed to outlast and outperform conventional mineral oil based lubricants. The focus of these advanced products is to help reduce costs related to lubricant consumption and premature bearing and machinery failure due to poor lubrication.

Tom-Pac ® products are sold worldwide through local distributors and inquiries are welcomed.